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Medical Emergencies, Travel Tips & More: Insights from Our 2022 Guests

Episode 34 ·

Andrew starts by talking about why flight deck doors are often open during boarding. The main segment for this episode features previously unaired clips from our 2022 guests.

  • If you board through the front door of an aircraft, you may have noticed that you can often catch a glimpse of the cockpit through the open flight deck door. Why is this door open? Find out in this episode.

  • Our guests have a wealth of knowledge from their travel and work experiences that extend beyond the topic of each interview. We also sometimes have to edit interviews to shorten them. This episode features “deleted scenes” from 2022, in which our guests share tips, stories and insights.

  • What happens in the flight deck when a passenger has a medical emergency inflight? How safe is it to fly with pets? Hear what our guests have to say.

From Episode 18 - How Pilots are Trained: Greg Krino is a pilot with a major US airline who was previously a fighter pilot in the US Air Force. You can find Greg’s podcast, The Greg Krino Show, on your podcast app and at You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

From Episode 20 – Bringing Pets to the Sky: Gayle Martz is a pet travel expert and former flight attendant who revolutionized how pets travel. If you want to learn more about Gayle’s story, the SHERPA bag and her two books visit You can also find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

From Episode 22 – Taking the Skies Less Traveled: Michael Hilliard is a conflict journalist whose work has taken him on flights to unique destinations all over the world. He is the founder and host of the geopolitics podcast The Red Line. You can also find Michael on Twitter and The Red Line on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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