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Bringing Pets to the Skies with Gayle Martz

Episode 20 ·

This episode starts by discussing invitation-only airline loyalty tiers and the difference between non-stop and direct flights. Andrew then chats with former flight attendant and pet travel expert Gayle Martz about bringing pets into airline cabins.

  • Some airlines have special tiers in their loyalty programs for their highest spenders and most influential customers. We take a look at some examples of these loyalty tiers and the special benefits that come with them.

  • What is the difference between a non-stop and a direct flight? While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference. Find out more in this episode.

  • Gayle Martz was a TWA Hostess (now known as a flight attendant) when she embarked on a journey to change the way that pets fly. Her hard work led to the introduction of the first airline-approved soft-sided pet carrier in the world. For this episode’s main segment, she is here to share her insights and advice on bringing your dog or cat on a plane.

If you want to learn more about Gayle’s story and the SHERPA bag, visit There, you can also find information on her two books, No Pet Left Behind: The SHERPA Guide for Traveling with Your Best Friend and IT’S IN THE BAG: How to Turn a Passion into a New Business. You can also find her on Facebook and on Instagram.

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Gayle Martz is a former flight attendant who worked tirelessly to change airline policies to allow pets to travel in the passenger cabin. Her hard work paid off when American Airlines was the first to allow pets onboard 1992 in the way that we now know. She is the designer and businesswoman behind the SHERPA bag, the first of a new category and first officially approved soft-sided pet carrier in the world, as well as the author of two books.

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