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The World's Largest Passenger Airliner: The Airbus A380

Episode 26 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts by talking about what it means if you have SSSS printed on your boarding pass. Then, he looks at the Airbus A380, also known as the super jumbo.

  • What does it mean if you have the letters SSSS printed on your boarding pass? It’s not something you want to see. Find out more in this episode.

  • The A380 is the world’s largest passenger plane, with a maximum capacity of over 850 passengers. It’s brought things never seen before in the world of air travel. In this episode, Andrew explores this mammoth aircraft.

  • In the main segment for this episode, Andrew shares the story of the Airbus A380, going over how it brought wonder and new possibilities, what it meant for passengers, how its production came to an abrupt but somewhat predictable end, and how you can fly on an Airbus A380 today.

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