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When to Book Your Flight: Travel Hacks & Trends with Christie Hudson

Episode 52 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts by looking at how you can fly on the world’s largest airliner – the Airbus A380 – these days. The main segment features Expedia travel expert Christie Hudson who is here to share data-driven air hacks and travel trends.

  • Have you ever wanted to fly on the Airbus A380? Nicknamed the superjumbo, it’s the largest passenger aircraft ever built. Find out more about where the A380 currently flies in this episode and then check out Episode 26 for more about this engineering marvel.

  • Christie Hudson shares data-driven tips and trends from Expedia’s air travel hacks. She reveals the cheapest days to book a flight and to fly and how far in advance to book to get a good deal.

  • What are some trending destinations for air travel (and travel more broadly) in 2024? Christie shares the findings of Expedia’s 2024 travel trends report. From “set-jetting” to “dupe” destinations, tune in to this episode for lots of travel data and inspiration.

Christie Hudson is a travel expert, data correspondent and Head of PR for Expedia US. She is a pro at turning travel data into tips and advice to help travelers get the most out of their travels. You can find Expedia’s latest Air Travel Hacks and Travel Trends reports online (links provided to the United States versions). 

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Vanderbilt law professor Ganesh Sitaraman

Christie Hudson is a travel expert, data correspondent and Head of PR for Expedia US. She is exceptionally passionate about travel, data, and communications and strives to use travel data to help people make the most out of their next trip.

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