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Travel Tips: 2023 Year-in-Review Part 2

Episode 51 ·
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This is the second part of our 2023 year-in-review. Our guests from throughout the year are sharing their travel tips and insights in a series of previously unaired clips. 

  • What are some essential items to pack according to a flight attendant? Episode 30 guest Lara Ketterman shares her thoughts. What is the Southwest Companion Pass? Episode 36/37 guest Kendyl Grender talks about this great budget travel tool. In this episode, you’ll hear from five of our 2023 guests.  

  • Have you ever wondered where Flying Smarter’s listeners are located? Or what the most popular episodes have been? Andrew pulls back the curtain to share some behind-the-scenes statistics and insights. 

  • In celebration of the holiday season and 50 episodes of Flying Smarter, we are holding a giveaway for a Flying Smarter luggage tag and a $100 gift card for the airline of the winner’s choice! Enter on our Instagram page throughout the month of December. Plus, check out the Insights section of the Flying Smarter for stories from Andrew’s travels, articles about air travel, and more.  

Our 2023 guests featured in this episode:

Thank you for a fantastic year! Flying Smarter will be back with an episode on travel hacks and trends on January 1, 2024. 

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Travel items including a Flying Smarter luggage tag and $100 airline gift card with the text "Giveaway"

Throughout the month of December 2023, we’re holding a giveaway in celebration of 50 episodes of Flying Smarter and the holiday season. Enter for the chance to win a Flying Smarter luggage tag and a $100 USD gift card to the airline of your choice. For full details and to enter, visit our Instagram page.

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