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Tools for Finding Flight Deals & Cheap Flights

Episode 64 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts off by talking about mileage runs. Then for the main segment, he looks at tools that you can use to find flight deals and cheap flights. 

  • What is a mileage run and should you consider doing one for airline status or for points and miles? Learn more about this tactic in this episode. 

  • Finding an inexpensive flight is often a goal for travelers. And there are lots of tools and resources out there to help us find cheap flights. In this episode, Andrew talks about the features of these different tools, exploring the pros and cons, and sharing some general insights.

  • Google Flights is a powerful tool with a lot of great features. Andrew talks about some of his favorites, and also takes a look at other websites and services that you can use to find flight deals.  

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