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The Future of Technology in the Air Travel Experience with Joelle Cuvelier

Episode 65 ·
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This episode contains the second part of our conversation with Joelle Cuvelier from global travel technology company Amadeus. Plus, Andrew takes a look at whether a plane can fly with only one engine. 

  • Can a plane fly with only one engine? Most commercial aircraft today have two engines, but what happens if there is an engine failure? Find out in this episode. 

  • We continue our interview with Joelle Cuvelier, Senior Vice President of Customer Success Management at global travel technology company Amadeus. In this episode, she discusses the exciting technological developments in the air travel world. 

  • The airport experience can be stressful and unpleasant. But there is a movement towards frictionless travel to help remove pain points in our travels. From biometrics to artificial intelligence to wayfinding technology, Joelle shares what is being done to improve our air travel journeys.

Joelle Cuvelier is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success Management at Amadeus, a global travel technology company that provides solutions for airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel businesses. Joelle started her career as a check-in agent and issued the first paper ticket produced by Amadeus. After working in various roles throughout the industry, she rejoined Amadeus in 2013 and has been with the company ever since. Learn more about Amadeus: Website | Facebook | X (Twitter) | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

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Headshot of Joelle Cuvelier

Joelle Cuvelier is the Senior VP of Customer Success at Amadeus, a global travel technology company which creates solutions that power the global travel industry. Their software helps connect airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies, and other businesses in the travel ecosystem, helping to build the interconnected travel world that we enjoy today. 

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