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Surviving a Schedule Change

Episode 46 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts off by talking about where airliners are assembled. Then he looks at schedule changes and how to deal with them.

  • The planes that we fly are on are huge and aircraft manufacturers therefore have massive facilities to produce them. Find out where these aircraft assembly facilities are located around the world.

  • Did you know that Lufthansa has a series of collectible rubber ducks? You don’t have to take a bath to get one, but you do have to be part of a very exclusive group of travelers. Learn more in this episode.

  • Schedule changes can be annoying and stressful. Whether they happen in advance of your travels or on the day of your flight, they can create problems for your travel plans. In this episode, we explore what you can do about flight schedule changes. Join us as Andrew looks at various tips and tricks to handling changes to your flights.

Do you have a particularly nasty schedule change story? Or have you encountered a delay or cancellation that ended up working out in your favor? Andrew would love to hear your story. Reach out on social media or on our website!

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