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Yellow Things: Oxygen Masks, Life Jackets and Life Rafts

Episode 21 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts off by talking about departure and arrival times as well as North Korea’s airline. Then he talks about three important safety features that all happen to be yellow, looking at how they work and what you need to know.

  • What do departure and arrival times actually mean? Do they refer to your gate departure and arrival times, takeoff and landing times or something else? The answer to this isn’t all that simple. Learn more in this episode.

  • Did you know that North Korea has an airline? This episode talks about Air Koryo, North Korea’s state-owned airline. Find out about its history, where it flies and much more.

  • Oxygen masks, life jackets and life rafts – these are three yellow aviation safety features that you probably know from the safety demonstration but haven’t thought much of beyond that. In this episode’s main segment, Andrew breaks down why they’re needed, how they work, and what you need to know about them.

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