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On the Airport Ramp with Tyler Crook

Episode 47 ·
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This episode starts by looking at how to ensure that you are within your baggage allowances so that you avoid surprise fees at the airport. Andrew then talks to ramp agent Tyler Crook to get a look at what goes on outside your plane on the airport ramp.

  • Have you ever been surprised by extra bags fees at the airport? Or have you had a carry on that is allowed on one airline but doesn’t fit in the bag sizer for another airline? Learn about baggage allowances and how to find them in this episode.

  • Tyler Crook talks about life on the airport ramp in this episode of Flying Smarter. He chats with Andrew about different parts of the job, interesting cargo that he has handled, how ramp agents ensure that aircraft don’t hit each other, and much more.

  • There’s always a small risk of your checked bag getting lost or damaged. However, there are some simple things that you can do to help avoid damage to your bag and to help the airline reunite you with your bag if it gets lost. In this episode, Tyler shares insider tips and advice about your baggage.

Tyler Crook has worked as a ramp agent for a major airline in the United States for over a decade and a half. He is one of the co-hosts of Non-Rev Lounge, a travel and aviation podcast. In addition to being a ramp worker, he is an avid traveler and aviation photographer. You can find Tyler on Instagram and X (Twitter). Non-Rev Lounge is also on Instagram and X (Twitter) and you can find the show wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 50 of Flying Smarter is coming up soon and we have some fun surprises planned.

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Ramp agent Tyler Crook in an Alaska Airlines lounge

Tyler Crook is a ramp worker for a major airline in the United States. He has over a decade and a half of experience in the industry and is also one of the hosts of Non-Rev Lounge, a travel and aviation podcast. Tyler is also an avid traveler and aviation photographer.

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