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Navigating the Airports of New York City

Episode 40 ·

Andrew starts by talking about whether or not you should build your own connection. Then, the main segment for this episode looks at the airports of New York City.

  • Should you book connecting flights on two separate tickets? This is a practice that could save you money when booking your flight but also comes with substantial risks. This episode takes a look at why building your own connection might not be a good idea and how you can do it safely and effectively.

  • Some airline pilots in the United States board each flight with a loaded firearm. They’re federally trained law enforcement agents that are armed to protect against terrorism. Find out more in this episode.

  • New York City is massive metropolis that is home to three major airports. In the main segment of this episode, Andrew explores the three airports, looking at airlines and destinations, ground transportation and the facilities and amenities available at each airport.

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