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How the Global Air Travel System Works Together

Episode 53 ·
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Andrew starts this episode by talking about how much airliners weigh and important takeaways from recent aviation incidents. Then he looks at the international organizations that exist to keep the world of air travel functioning seamlessly. 

  • It’s no secret that the aircraft that we fly on are massive, but how much do they actually weigh? Andrew delves into aircraft weights to give you an idea of how heavy the objects that we fly on are.

  • Did you know that Gibraltar International Airport has a road that intersects the runway? Yes, you can walk or drive right across the runway!

  • How do pilots safely operate all around the world? How do bags transfer seamlessly across airlines and airports? The answers to these questions show how we have created a miraculous system of standards and practices that keep global aviation functioning. The main segment of this episode delves into the international aviation organizations and bodies that makes this interconnectedness possible.

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