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Flying with a Baby with Carrie Bradley

Episode 45 ·
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Andrew starts this episode by talking about airline seat map websites. The main segment for this episode features family travel expert and former flight attendant Carrie Bradley.

  • Where can you find airline seat maps? The ones provided by the airlines often don’t have much information. Learn about third-party websites that provide valuable details about the plane that you’re flying on.

  • Some airports allow visitors to access their post-security areas without a boarding pass? Find about airports that allow airside access to non-passengers, allowing them to spend more time with family and friends, enjoy airport shops and restaurants or surprise an arriving passenger.

  • Carrie Bradley joins Andrew as this episode’s guest. She is the owner and editor of Flying With a Baby, a website dedicated to helping parents fly with young children. Carrie talks about everything from booking considerations to packing and special baggage allowances to how to handle crying babies (both as a parent and fellow passenger).

Carrie Bradley is a family travel expert and former flight attendant who runs the family travel site Flying With a Baby. The website covers all aspects of family travel, including family holiday destination guides, hotel and airline reviews and comparisons, as well as attractions and trip plans. There are also tons of resources and tips for family vacations, flying and travel in general. She previously worked as a flight attendant and her and her work with family travel has been featured in media outlets like USA Today and the BBC. You can find Carrie and Flying with a Baby at as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or X.

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Family travel expert Carrie Bradley

Carrie Bradley is a family travel expert and former flight attendant who runs the family travel site Flying With a Baby, which covers all aspects of family travel. She first set up the website after finding it frustrating that information about flying with young children couldn’t be found in one convenient place. Carrie also holds a joint honours degree in tourism and worked as an international flight attendant for 12 years.

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