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Flying and Skiing with Felice and Peter Hardy

Episode 10 ·

This episode of Flying Smarter starts off by looking at whether or not airplane doors can be opened inflight. Travel writers Felice and Peter Hardy then come onto the podcast talk about flying and skiing.

  • Is it possible to open an airplane door during your flight? We’ve seen scary scenes of this happening in movies, but the reality is quite different. Learn more in this episode.

  • What’s the largest airline in the world? There’s a different ways to measure airline size, but this episode answers this question based on the number of passengers carried.

  • As winter arrives and the ski season in the norther part of the world draws near, avid skiers and travel writers Felice and Peter Hardy come to the show to talk about flying and skiing. Andrew chats with them about everything from flying with ski equipment, to some of their more memorable winter flying experiences.

Peter and Felice Hardy are travel writers and avid skiers based in the United Kingdom. They host their own travel podcast called ActionPacked Travel and are co-editors of the ski website Welove2ski. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of the ski resorts mentioned in this episode are Val d'Isere in France, Kitzbuhel in Austria, Champoluc in Italy, Zermatt in Switzerland, Baqueira Beret in Spain, Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, and Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA. Follow the podcast on social media!

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Felice and Peter Hardy are travel writers and avid skiers. They’ve written numerous ski books are co-editors on ski information website Welove2ski and host their own travel podcast, ActionPacked Travel. Peter is also ski correspondent of The Telegraph and Felice has also contributed to various British national newspapers, and a number of other travel publications including British Airways’ inflight magazine, Highlife.

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