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Exploring the Essential Air Service with Joey Gerardi

Episode 42 ·

This episode of Flying Smarter starts off by talking about Real ID and which plane has lavatories on the cargo hold level. Aviation writer and video producer Joey Gerardi then joins Andrew to talk about the United States Essential Air Service.

  • In the last episode of Flying Smarter, we covered trusted traveler programs including Global Entry. A listener brought up a great point about another use for Global Entry cards, and we explore this more in this episode.

  • Joey Gerardi is an aviation writer, photographer and video producer with an expertise in the Essential Air Service (EAS) and regional flying. He joins Andrew to discuss the EAS, covering what it is, how it works, how it keeps small communities connected and much more.

  • There are some interesting EAS routes and experiences out there, from planes with six feet of legroom to flying straight to the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park. Joey talks about all this and more in this episode.

Joey Gerardi is an aviation writer, photographer and videographer. He is a writer at AirlineGeeks, an aviation news site, and has a special interest in the Essential Air Service and regional flying in the United States. Joey documents and shares his travels through photography and video production. He is also an airline employee and holds a degree in aviation operations and management. You can find him at AirlineGeeks and on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Joey Gerardi is an aviation writer at aviation news site AirlineGeeks, as well as a photographer and video prodcuer. He has a particular interest and expertise in small airports and airlines in the United States and the Essential Air Service.

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