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All About Airline Alliances

Episode 7 ·

In this episode, Andrew starts off by answering questions about how far in advance you should buy a plane ticket and why Singapore Changi Airport is considered the world’s best airport. Then he talks about airline alliances, looking at why they exist and what the benefits for travelers are.

  • How far in advance should you buy a plane ticket? The answer to this isn’t as clear as you may think it is. Learn more in this episode.

  • Why is Singapore Changi Airport considered the world’s best? Singapore Changi Airport has won tons awards for being an exceptional airport and providing an amazing experience. We take a look at what makes this airport revered around the world.

  • Airline alliances are strategic partnerships between groups of airlines. Airlines join these alliances for a number of reasons, including an expanded network and opportunities to cooperate and find operational efficiencies. They also provide many benefits for passengers, particularly when it comes to frequent flyer programs. This episode’s main segment is all about these alliances.

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