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Duty-Free Shopping and Why Things at Airports are so Expensive

Episode 5 ·

This episode starts by answering questions about why there are carry-on liquid restrictions and why airlines fly empty planes around. Then, learn about duty-free shopping, what happened to SkyMall, and why things are so expensive at airports.

  • Why are there restrictions on bringing liquids through airport security? Restrictions on liquids at airport security are just a regular part of flying these days. Find out why and how these rules came to be.

  • Why do airlines sometimes fly empty planes around? We look at why an airline would operate a flight even if it only has one or two passengers on it. Plus, airlines fly empty planes around for many operational reasons. Learn more in this episode.

  • When we’re flying, we’re presented with a many opportunities to make some purchases. Some of these opportunities are better than others and this episode looks at shopping throughout the air travel experience. Andrew discusses what you need to know about duty-free shopping, what happened to SkyMall, and why food and other necessities are so expensive at airports.

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