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Low-Cost Carriers: How They Work and What You Need to Know

Episode 3 ·

This episode starts by answering questions about birds and planes as well as in-seat power. Andrew then takes a deep dive into low-cost airlines, explaining how they work and what you need to know about flying with one.

  • How dangerous are birds to planes? When a bird hits a plane, it is known as a bird strike. Our episode begins by talking about the dangers that birds pose to planes and what aircraft manufacturers and airports are doing about it.

  • Do all airlines seats have in-seat power these days? As people travel with more devices, airlines have installed power plugs on their planes. However, not all planes are equipped with in-seat power. Learn how to find out if your seat will have a power plug or not.

  • Low-cost carriers can be a great way to travel cheaply if you are travelling on a budget or just looking to save a bit of money. They do a bunch of things to keep their costs low, which leads to cheap flights for passengers. For our main segment, we talk about what low cost carriers are, how they work, whether or not they are safe, and what should know before flying with them.

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