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How to Treat Your Flight Attendants with Flight Attendant Joe

Episode 2 ·

Andrew starts this episode off by answering questions about runway numbers and where planes go when they are retired. He then chats with Flying Smarter’s very first guest, Flight Attendant Joe Thomas, who shares valuable insights from his time as a flight attendant and gives some tips to make your flying experience a bit better.

  • How do runway numbers work? Each runway has a giant number painted on it at either end. Find out what these numbers mean and how the numbering system works.

  • What happens to planes once they are retired? When an airline removes a plane form a service, a number of things can happen to it, from being sold to another airline to being sent to an aircraft boneyard. Learn more about the fate of retired aircraft in this episode.

  • Did you know that your flight attendants aren’t getting paid during boarding? Or that you might not be great at ordering beverages when flying? Flight Attendant Joe Thomas is here to talk everything from how to treat your flight attendants to how you can increase your chances of getting a free drink on your next flight. Joe draws from his experience to share some hilarious but valuable insights.

If you want to hear more from Joe, you can find his podcast, Grounded with Joe Thomas, on your favorite podcast app. You can also follow him on Instagram at @groundedwithjoethomas, Like his Facebook Page, or check out his books and blog at Enjoying the podcast? Leave us a review if you’re using a platform that allows you to do so, like Apple Podcasts. We would greatly appreciate it!

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Joe Thomas, also known as Flight Attendant Joe, is a recently retired flight attendant who worked for a major US airline for 12 years. He hosts the podcast Grounded with Joe Thomas, which is available on your podcast app of choice. You can also find his three books on Amazon: Fasten Your Seatbelts and Eat Your F*cking Nuts, Flight Attendant Joe, and I'm Just Here for the Layovers - they're filled with hilarious stories and inappropriate jokes. Finally, you can also check out his blog at

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