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The Past and Future of Supersonic Air Travel

Episode 19 ·

In this episode, Andrew answers questions about how airlines determine their scheduled flying times and why they pad their schedules. Then, he dives into the past and future of supersonic air travel.

  • How do airlines determine flying times for their schedules? It’s a little bit more complicated than doing a calculation with the aircraft speed and route distance. Learn more in this episode.

  • Why do airlines sometimes pad their schedules by adding extra time to flying times? Andrew discusses how this practice works and why airlines do it.

  • Travelers were once able to cross the Atlantic in under four hours while flying faster than the speed of sound. However, that’s no longer possible today. This episode’s main segment explores how we were once able to jet around in supersonic airplanes, why we no longer have that option, and what the future holds for supersonic flight.

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