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The Stressful Summer of Air Travel

Episode 16 ·

In this episode, Andrew starts off by talking about the return of Flying Smarter before diving into what happens to uneaten airline food. Then he looks at the hectic world of air travel in the summer of 2022.Passengers often don’t pay attention to the safety demonstration. How much of it do we actually need to know? Why do we have to store bags under the seat in front of us or put our own mask before helping our child? Learn all about it in this episode.

  • What happens to food at the end of a flight? While some of it can be saved for later, many perishables end up being thrown out. However, some airlines are coming up with ways to reduce food waste.

  • Did you know that you can listen to live air traffic communications on some United Airlines flights? Learn more in this episode.

  • For this episode’s main segment, we talk about how this summer has been a stressful time to fly. Andrew looks at how you prepare yourself and maximize your chances of having a smooth experience. Even if you are listening to this episode well into the future, there are lots of tips that are helpful even in normal times.

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