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How Airports Make Money and Who Owns Them

Episode 14 ·

This episode starts by covering why airliners don’t have parachutes for passengers. Then, learn about how airports make money, who owns them, and why it matters to travelers.

  • Why don’t airlines carry parachutes for their passengers? Parachutes are expensive and heavy, but the reasons go way beyond that. Find out why air travelers don’t get parachutes and what would happen if you parachuted from an airliner.

  • Did you know that UPS once operated a passenger air service? For a few years, UPS converted cargo planes to passenger jets every weekend. Learn more in this episode.

  • When we’re flying, we don’t really care about who owns or runs an airport. However, these are factors that can have a major impact on your airport experience. Andrew discusses airport money-making, ownership, and what it means for you.

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