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How to Get Upgraded on Your Next Flight

Episode 12 ·

In this episode, Andrew starts off by answering questions about how planes avoid mid-air collisions and why airlines overbook flights. Then he talks about how you can get upgraded on your next flight.

  • How do planes avoid colliding in the air? Mid-air collisions do happen, but there are a bunch of different safeguards put in place to prevent these unfortunate incidents. Learn more in this episode.

  • Why do airlines overbook flights? It might seem like an unethical and nonsensical practice, but there may be a good reason why airlines do it. This episode explores why overbooking happens.

  • For this episode’s main segment, we explore how you can increase your chances of getting upgraded on your next flight. While it’s harder to get a free upgrade than it was in the past, there are still things you can do to help your chances.

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