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Designing an Airline Brand with Edmond Huot

Episode 59 ·
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This episode starts by looking at why you shouldn’t inflate your life jacket until you are about to leave the aircraft. Andrew then talks with Edmond Huot about airline design and branding.

  • Why are we told not to inflate our life jackets until we are about to exit the plane? There are some important reasons that could mean the difference between life or death. Learn more in this episode.  

  • An airline once planned to charge passengers to use the onboard toilets. Find out more about the carrier that wanted to install coin-operated lavatories on their aircraft. 

  • Forward Studio Chief Creative Officer and aviation geek Edmond Huot joins Andrew to talk about what it takes to design an airline brand. They talk about the creative process, the relation between branding and the passenger experience, examples of projects that Edmond has worked on, and much more. 

Edmond Huot is the Chief Creative Officer and founding partner at digital marketing agency Forward Media and their airline branding and public relations agency, Forward Studio. The company’s clients have included airlines like Canada Jetlines and New Pacific Airlines, as well as other transportation companies, insurance businesses, and professional and financial services. Edmond has more than 25 years of progressive experience in the advertising and digital media space and also harbors a lifelong passion for aviation. You can learn more about Forward Studio and their airline branding and public relations agency Forward Studio on their website and social media pages: Forward Media | Forward Studio | LinkedIn (Forward Media) | LinkedIn (Forward Studio) | Instagram | X (Twitter) | Vimeo

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Vanderbilt law professor Ganesh Sitaraman

Edmond Huot is a founding partner and the Chief Creative Officer of Forward Media and Forward Studio. He plays a leading role in managing and directing the company’s design, creative and production studios. While he has worked with a diverse range of clients, he has always had a passion for aviation and has brought that into his work, working with airlines and other transportation companies.

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