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Decoding Airport Codes

Episode 33 ·
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Andrew starts by talking about one of the aspects of flying that causes the most nervousness: turbulence. Then, the main segment for this episode looks at airport codes.

  • Should we be afraid of turbulence? While turbulence can be nerve-wracking even for frequent flyers, there isn’t all that much to be worried about. Learn more in this episode and check out Andrew’s chat with airline pilot Owen Zupp about turbulence in Episode 8 for more.

  • JFK, LHR, SYD – these airport codes clearly represent New York’s JFK Airport, London Heathrow, and Sydney Airport. But these airports also have the codes of KJFK, EGLL, and YSSY. Why is this, what are these codes used for, and what do they mean? Find out more in this episode.

  • Did you know that there’s a single airport with three airport codes? Andrew talks about where this unique airport is located and why it has so many codes.

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