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Finding Cheap Flights & Traveling on a Budget with Kendyl Grender Part 2

Episode 37 ·

This episode has the second part of a two-part discussion about travel hacking and budget travel with Kendyl Grender. In this episode, Andrew continues his talk with her, covering points and miles, how budget travel can include luxury experiences, and more. Plus, he looks at airplane age.

  • How old is the plane that you’re flying on? How do you find out? And does it even matter? Learn all about it in this episode.

  • Wouldn’t it be cool to use your wireless Bluetooth headphones with your seatback entertainment? You actually can on some airlines! Find out more in this episode.

  • Andrew continues his conversation with Kendyl Grender, a budget traveler and travel hacker who has saved tens of thousands of dollars in travel over the years. Kendyl talks about her approach to collecting points and miles, how budget travel can involve high end and luxury experiences, and how you can make your airport experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

Kendyl Grender is a full-time travel blogger, travel hacker and content creator. She has saved tens of thousands of dollars on travel over the years and spent a month in Europe last year for a third of what it should have cost. She offers tons of resources to help travelers save money, from guides to coaching sessions. Kendyl recently launched Stacking Academy, a course focused on helping you use stacking to make sure you don’t miss out on earning points and miles. You can find Kendyl on Instagram and at

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Kendyl Grender is a travel blogger and content creator. In 2022, she quit her job and spent 31 nights in Europe with her husband for only $4000. She’s travelled to over 20 countries around the world and saved over $22,000 on travel in 2022 alone. She is behind the very successful Instagram account @kendyltravels and offers services and resources to help people save on their travels.

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