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Celebrating 50 Episodes & 2023 Year-in-Review Part 1

Episode 50 ·
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Flying Smarter is celebrating 50 episodes! This episode contains some special announcements as well as the first part of our 2023 year-in-review.

  • What training do flight attendants get for dealing with panicked passengers? Former flight attendant and Episode 45 guest Carrie Bradley answers this question in this episode. Air traffic controller Andy Watson shares a story about Air Force Two. In this episode, you will find unaired clips from some of our amazing 2023 guests.

  • In celebration of Episode 50 of the podcast and the holiday season, we are holding a giveaway for a Flying Smarter luggage tag and a $100 gift card for the airline of the winner’s choice! Enter on our Instagram page throughout the month of December. Plus, check out the Insights section of the Flying Smarter for stories from Andrew’s travels, articles about air travel, and more.

  • Thank you to all our listeners and friends for your ongoing support. Flying Smarter has grown tremendously over the past 50 episodes and it’s all thanks to our wonderful listeners.

Our 2023 guests featured in this episode:

The next episode of Flying Smarter will be the second part of our 2023 year-in-review. It will feature travel tips from the rest of our guests from this year, so stay tuned!

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Travel items including a Flying Smarter luggage tag and $100 airline gift card with the text "Giveaway"

Throughout the month of December 2023, we’re holding a giveaway in celebration of 50 episodes of Flying Smarter and the holiday season. Enter for the chance to win a Flying Smarter luggage tag and a $100 USD gift card to the airline of your choice. For full details and to enter, visit our Instagram page.

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