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The Story of the Boeing 737 MAX

Episode 38 ·

In this episode, Andrew talks about why flights often don’t divert to the nearest airport. For the main segment, he looks at the story of the infamous Boeing 737 MAX.

  • Why do flights sometimes divert to an airport that hours away? Doesn’t make it the most sense to land at the nearest airport? There are lots of considerations that go into diversions. Learn more in this episode.

  • Did you know some airline seats have a massage function? Andrew talks about this unique feature found on some airlines.

  • The Boeing 737 MAX is loved by airlines for its increased fuel efficiency, but the general public tends to know the name because of two tragic crashes and a subsequent worldwide grounding. This episode looks at the story of the Boeing 737 MAX, covering what happened, what’s changed since and what it means for travelers.

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