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Boarding and Deplaning: How We Get On and Off the Plane

Episode 48 ·
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In this episode, Andrew starts off by talking about whether you can sleep overnight in an airport terminal. Then he looks at the different ways we board and deplane our flights.

  • Can you sleep overnight in an airport terminal? The answer depends on where you are and there are a lot of factors at play. Some airports have facilities to help travelers nap, while others close overnight. Learn more in this episode.

  • Some airlines allow you to bring skiing and snowboarding equipment on the plane for free, above your regular checked baggage allowance. As winter approaches, Andrew takes a look at airlines that are particularly friendly towards winter sports.

  • What is the most efficient way of boarding an aircraft? Airlines have a lot of different options. This main segment delves into the different options for boarding, comparing their efficiency and talking about why they are or aren’t used. Plus, Andrew looks at the physical methods that we use for getting on and off aircraft. Jetways are the most common, but there are some other ones out there as well.

Other material mentioned in this episode:

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