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Behind the Scenes of Airline Maintenance with Brian Bermudez Part 1

Episode 56 ·
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Andrew starts this episode by talking about airline flight numbers. The main segment for this episode features aircraft maintenance technician and professor Brian Bermudez.

  • How do flight numbers get assigned? It depends, but there are some common practices and conventions. Learn more about how airlines choose their flight numbers in this episode.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Brian Bermudez joins Andrew in this episode to dive into the world of aviation maintenance. He talks about what’s going on when you see maintenance engineers boarding your flight, the most common reasons that maintenance puts your aircraft out of service, and much more.

  • What parts of a plane can an aircraft maintenance technician work on? Do they specialize in certain parts of the plane? How often do aircraft go in for maintenance? How does maintenance work at outstations? Brian takes us behind the scenes of airline maintenance operations.

Brian Bermudez is an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and a Professor of Aviation Maintenance. Having worked for two major US airlines as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, he now teaches aviation maintenance and runs CraftoftheAir, an aviation maintenance initiative involving multiple aspects like consulting and tutoring. Brian also hosts the CotACasT, an aviation podcast where he explores various facets of maintenance and brings his experiences and knowledge to listeners who share his enthusiasm for this field. You can learn more about Brian, his work, and his podcast at and on social media: Instagram | LinkedIn | X (Twitter)

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Vanderbilt law professor Ganesh Sitaraman

Brian Bermudez is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and a Professor of Aviation Maintenance. He has worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician for two major airlines in the United States and is now the President and Founder of CraftoftheAir (CotA), a multifaceted initiative encompassing aviation maintenance, consulting, and tutoring. Brian is also a professor and Director of Airframe and Powerplant Curriculum at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology.

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