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All About Aviation Weather with Doug Morris

Episode 54 ·
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This episode starts by looking at why involuntary downgrades happen and what to do if you get involuntary downgraded. Andrew then talks to airline captain Doug Morris about aviation weather and how it affects your flight.

  • Nobody likes purchasing a premium cabin ticket and then being downgraded to a worse seat. Why might this happen and what should you do if it does? Find out more in this episode.

  • Doug Morris joins Andrew to talk about aviation weather, drawing from his experiences and expertise as an airline captain and as a meteorologist. He talks about the most common misconception about weather, the differences between aviation products worldwide, and much more.

  • Extreme and unusual weather phenomenon undoubtedly make passengers nervous. Doug and Andrew talk about some different ones, ranging from thunderstorms to low visibility and winds. Plus, Andrew asks Doug what weather phenomena make pilots nervous.

Doug Morris is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner captain for Air Canada. He is also a certified meteorologist and worked as a weather forecaster for four years during his early pilot days. He is a longtime teacher of aviation weather to new and aspiring pilots and is the author of four books and a blog. His latest book, titled This is Your Captain Speaking, draws from his extensive experiences and goes through the A to Z of airline travel with a bit of humor, covering things ranging from whether airliners have keys to what aircrew get up to on layovers to how to become a pilot. Longtime Air Canada flyers will also recognize him as the author of the aviation page in Air Canada’s enRoute magazine for over two decades. You can find Doug on his blog and on LinkedIn and Instagram

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Doug Morris is a Boeing 787 captain at Air Canada. As a certified meteorologist, he has taught new pilots about aviation weather for years and has written for Air Canada’s enroute inflight magazine for over two decades. Doug is the author of four books and a blog, including his latest, titled This is Your Captain Speaking.

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