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A Visit to Newark Airport’s Stunning New Terminal A

Newark Liberty International Airport opened its brand-new Terminal A in January, marking a much-anticipated grand opening for the modern $2.7 billion facility. With one million square feet of space, the new terminal replaces the aging former Terminal A building, which dates back to 1973.

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Newark’s new Terminal A and the experience left me quite impressed. The bright contemporary spaces were a major improvement from the poorly lit and crowded spaces of the former terminal. Although the new terminal experienced several hiccups in its opening days – including a power outage, baggage and security delays, and a security breach – things seemed to be going smoothly during my time at the airport.

A Bright and Spacious Welcome

The check-in area is large and modern and features high ceilings that allow natural light to beam into the open space. While the old Terminal A had individual security checkpoints for each set of gates, the new terminal has a common security area, giving passengers access to all the amenities past security.

Terminal A's Common Check-in Hall
Pre-Security Area at Newark's New Terminal A

Post-Security: A Modern Airport Experience

After going through security, travelers are greeted with an open concourse with a modern art display in the middle. These tall pillars with screens on them broadcasted colorful scenes and stories, adding energy and art to the space.

Post-Security "Central Plaza"

When I visited, only 21 of the 33 gates were operational. The terminal serves Air Canada, American Airlines, JetBlue, as well as some United Airlines flights. When the final 12 gates open later this year, Delta Air Lines is also slated to move into Terminal A.

Gate Area with Electronic Gates

The terminal features floor-to-ceiling windows – perfect for getting great views of the tarmac.

A Gate Area with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Several retail and food outlets are located throughout the terminal and the central concourse, known as the “Central Plaza,” is home to many of these. The airport has stated that Terminal A has outlets from 60 regional, national and global brands.

Looking Toward the South Concourse
Retail Outlets in the Central Part of the Terminal

The departures board had flights from all terminals listed, as well as a helpful terminal map.

Departures Board and Terminal Map

The South Concourse felt a bit narrow and was fairly busy.

Newark Terminal A South Concourse

At the end of the concourse were Gates A1 and A2, which were being used by Air Canada. The floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings made the area feel bright and spacious.

The End of the South Concourse

I noticed that the charging ports under many of the seats were out of service. It was over a month past the return to service date listed on the sticker, but they still did not work. However, it looked like many travelers had tried to use them and ended up being disappointed.

Out of Service Charging Ports

Baggage Claim: A Hub for Local Art

The baggage hall was another bright and modern space but what stands out is the modern local art. Murals adorned the inside wall and a large “NJ” structure greets passengers and makes it very clear where the airport is situated.

Newark Terminal A Baggage Hall
Local Modern Art at Newark's Terminal A

Traveler Takeaways

Newark’s new Terminal A is gorgeous. While the old terminal felt crowded and was poorly lit, the new building is the exact opposite: spacious, bright and modern. The North Concourse is expected to open later this year, along with four lounges: American Admirals Club, a Delta Sky Club, a United Club and an American Express Centurion Lounge. Terminal A is now by far the nicest terminal at Newark Airport and I will happily fly in and out of it in the future.

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