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A Look Behind Your Ticket Purchase with Joelle Cuvelier

Episode 63 ·
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Andrew starts this episode by talking about some exciting innovations in the onboard experience. The main segment for this episode features Joelle Cuvelier from travel technology company Amadeus. 

  • Last week was the 2024 edition of the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo, and there were some exciting announcements at the event. From a high-tech business class suite to an all-business class turboprop, Andrew shares some highlights.  

  • Did you know that there’s one state that has been without scheduled air service for roughly 20 out of the last 35 years? Learn more in this episode. 

  • Joelle Cuvelier is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success Management at global travel technology company Amadeus. She joins Andrew to discuss the business of travel selling, talking about what goes on behind the scenes when you search for flight options and buy a ticket, how travel selling will evolve in the coming years, and much more. 

Joelle Cuvelier is the Senior Vice President of Customer Success Management at Amadeus, a global travel technology company that provides solutions for airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel businesses. Joelle started her career as a check-in agent and issued the first paper ticket produced by Amadeus. After working in various roles throughout the industry, she rejoined Amadeus in 2013 and has been with the company ever since. Learn more about Amadeus: Website | Facebook | X (Twitter) | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

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Joelle Cuvelier is the Senior VP of Customer Success at Amadeus, a global travel technology company which creates solutions that power the global travel industry. Their software helps connect airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies, and other businesses in the travel ecosystem, helping to build the interconnected travel world that we enjoy today. 

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