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A Look at Loyalty Programs with Mark Ross-Smith

Episode 32 ·
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This episode starts by looking at why you have to put your seat back and tray table up before landing. Andrew then talks with StatusMatch CEO and former airline loyalty program head Mark Ross-Smith about airline loyalty programs.

  • Why do you have to put your seat back and tray table up before landing? It’s all about safety. Learn more in this episode.

  • Mark Ross-Smith brings his wealth of knowledge and experience with airline loyalty programs to this episode of Flying Smarter. He talks with Andrew about how the airline loyalty business works, why airline loyalty programs can be worth more than the airlines themselves, and much more.

  • What are the trends and challenges with loyalty programs these days? What are some of the top programs out there? Mark shares valuable insights, tips, and advice for travelers when it comes to airline loyalty.

Mark Ross-Smith is the CEO of StatusMatch, which creates customer acquisition technology for airlines while helping travellers enjoy the full potential of their loyalty and status. He is also the Editor of Travel Data Daily, a resource for loyalty program owners including airlines, hotels and other industry professionals. He was previously the head of Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich Loyalty Program, where he managed the program to the most successful point in the history of the airline. You can find Mark on LinkedIn.

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Mark Ross-Smith is the CEO of StatusMatch, a company that creates loyalty customer acquisition technology products for airlines and helps travelers switch their loyalty tier status to a new airline or hotel to allow them to enjoy the perks of being a high-value traveler. He previously served as the Head of Malaysia Airlines’ loyalty program, Enrich. He is also the Editor of the blog Travel Data Daily and his work has been featured on media outlets like Skift, CNN, The Economist, and the BBC.

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